EWS has been testing and developing its microwave based process since 1993. EWS utilizes microwave energy through its proprietary Microwave Delivery System (MDS) that produces the patented Reverse Polymerization (RP) Process used in EWS’s various products.

The wastewater sterilization unit combines the EWS MDS with an alternative heating source, in a redundant array, to provide a reliable effluent decontamination system (EDS). The microwave energy provides greater destruction efficacy when compared to standard heating processes.

The RP Process is applied in our Medical Systems, Tire Systems and Animal Disposal Systems. The RP Process applies high intensity microwave energy through our MDS in an oxygen free atmosphere, reducing all organic compounds to their simplest form.

The Food Dehydrating and Sterilization System utilizes the MDS to sterilize and dehydrate the food waste generated onboard ships, allowing the waste to be stored longer without noxious fumes being generated.

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