Medical Waste

System Overview
The MD-1000 is a three-stage, three chamber, medical waste reduction unit that produces a sterilized carbon residue. It processes all types of medical and infectious wastes including packaging, plastics, anatomical waste, glass, and metal sharps. The three chambers are for:

  • Weighing and purging.
  • Microwave reduction (Reverse Polymerization).
  • Cooling and grinding.

EWS has worked with key third party suppliers to incorporate their products into the MD system to handle process control, nitrogen production, environmental control, material handling and power generation.

Medical waste enters the first chamber where a nitrogen purge is applied. The load is then weighed and the data is analyzed by the process control software. The waste is moved to the second chamber where microwave energy is applied directly to the load. In this chamber the waste is reduced by Reverse Polymerization to a sterilized carbon residue. The final chamber allows the residue to cool prior to grinding. The sterilized carbon residue is removed from the third chamber by a pneumatic system and deposited in a holding container for disposal with other domestic or municipal waste.

For more information about Reverse Polymerization and medical waste reduction, please contact us.

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