The FS-POD offers:

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  • Superior sterilization efficacy
  • Up to 200 gallons per day
  • Compact enough to fit under a laboratory cabinet
  • Ease of installation – no need to run steam pipes or special drains
  • Automatic operation
  • Chart recorder (optional)
  • Stainless steel construction


The FS-POD is a simple yet robust system allowing the user to locate it under the counter in a laboratory. It is ideal for single labs or for retrofitting existing labs. The liquid to be sterilized can contain suspended solids. All wetted parts are made from stainless steel, while the redundant heat source of microwave energy, utilizing the EWS MDS and an electric immersion heater provide the required energy to complete a cycle. The liquid is heated to 141o C and held there for 5 minutes prior to discharge to a sanitary sewer connection at 63o C. The system requires only an electrical supply, a cold water supply and a sanitary sewer connection to operate. No steam heat is required.

The addition of microwave energy provides higher efficacy when compared to a standard heat system. See the FS-POD brochure for details. The system is initiated either manually or automatically and completes the sterilization cycle and discharge automatically. The complete system is PLC controlled.

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