EWS has developed a number of products for different industries, based on its patented Reverse Polymerization (RP) Process and Microwave Delivery System (MDS). These products are:

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  • Used Tire Recycling – the TR Systems process whole tires into 100% reusable products using the EWS RP process. The recovered products are: carbon black, oil, hydrocarbon gases and steel.
  • Wastewater Sterilization – the EWS Effluent Decontamination System utilizes the MDS based process for the sterilization of laboratory wastewater. EWS offers two basic systems that can be configured to meet specific needs. The larger FS-6000 systems handle the water generated from a research facility and the smaller FS-POD systems can process the effluents from a single laboratory, up to 200 gallons per day.
  • Food Waste/Naval Applications – food waste generated onboard ships is a potentially hazardous waste. EWS has developed a system utilizing the MDS based process to sterilize and dehydrate food waste, allowing it to be stored onboard for at least 60 days before disposal is required.
  • Medical Waste Disposal – utilizing the RP process medical waste is reduced to a sterilized carbon residue in the EWS MD Systems. The medical waste is reduced up to 80% by mass and volume, and the off gases can be used to create electricity.


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