Management Team

  • Bob MacBean (CEO)
    Bob is a seasoned insightful hands-on financial executive, team builder, and business leader with international market development skills. Bob has developed and grown public and private companies in the environmental products, alternative energy, and energy and environmental services sectors. He has helped raise over $30 million in early stage capital for both public and private companies.
  • Steve Kantor (CTO)
    Steve Kantor has been involved with the development of the Microwave Reduction technology since its inception in 1989 when he was the associate to Dr. Charles Emery, the inventor. He was involved with the design, operation and testing of the original test and prototype units for both tire recycling and medical waste. Steve joined EWS in 1993, when it was formed, to further develop the Microwave Reduction technology. Since then he has been involved in all aspects of the research and development, as well as operations. His experience includes the design and operation of the original pilot tire reduction facility and the design of the tire reduction facility in Sault Ste. Marie. He brings an unmatched knowledge of the Microwave Reduction technology.

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