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Environmental Waste International Inc. (EWS) is a design and development company specializing in eco-friendly systems for the break down of organic materials. EWS has spent over fifteen years engineering systems that integrate the EWS patented Reverse Polymerization™ (RP) process and proprietary microwave delivery system. Each unit is designed to be energy efficient and where possible, create an economically positive model for the recovery of various hydrocarbon oil and gasses.

EWS is a Canadian company located in Ajax, Ontario. The company was founded in 1992, when it took over the development of the RP process originally begun in the late 1980’s by Dr. C. L. Emery. The earlier work was focused on the construction of several pilot plants designed to further EWS’s understanding of the operational parameters needed to begin commercializing the technology. Initial systems included a proof of concept continuous feed tire system and batch based infectious medical waste system. The knowledge gained allowed EWS to design and build commercial units for biological wastewater sterilization and shipboard food waste sterilization/dehydration.

The company continues to work on the marketing and sales of systems designed to break down used tires, medical waste, food waste and biological wastewater effluent.

EWS is a public traded company listed on the Canadian Venture Exchange (TSX) under the symbol “EWS”.

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